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Stretching my brains at like my life depends on it.

For every question answered correctly 20 grains of rice is donated through the UN World Food Program. So far I have donated 8000 grains. My target for the night is 10000.

Levels I reached for the different subjects: 40/60 for English Vocabulary I think. Then 4/5 or 5/5 for English Grammar. 4/5 for Spanish (that took a few tries, but some were really easy), 10/10 for Basic Maths, 2/2 for Multiplication, and 5/5 for World Capitals (I'm uberly proud of that, seeing as I suck at remembering capitals).

Boring as it may get, answering question after question after question, it sure is a superb way to take one's mind off unpleasant things.

edit: finally stopped at 10840. That means I answered 542 questions correctly. Yay me.

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Prongs, what's up with your posts? You know we can always talk if you want to :)


lol. it's nothing. just a sort of stressed out crisis time in my life. XD

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