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Hmm. After much consideration (okay, not really. Just thought about it like a minute ago), I have decided to jump ship to Blogger.

1. I want a tagbox! And I have no idea how to/if I can even put one up on LJ, so screw it.
2. Music! I want my Singingbox/Imeem/Whatever gah in my sidebar, and once again, no idea how to do it on LJ.
3. Hmm. I'll get back to this one.

Anyhow, this LJ will NOT be dead. I will still keep this account, because of the insanely awesome communities that I frequent.

So here we go:


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This LJ is hereby friends only.

Cos that's the way I roll, yo.

Anyhow, for some funny stuff to balance out the serious.
My friend wrote this for a Civics exercise we had to do:

(a) Potensi diri (Potential)
i. Boleh terbang (can fly)
ii. Mata ada laser (have laser eyes)

(b) Pilihan Kerjaya (Career choice)
i. Superman

(c) Kelayakan yang Diperlukan (Requirements)
i. boleh pakai underwear di luar seluar (can wear underwear over my pants)

(d) Faedah-faedah yang Diperoleh (Pros of this career choice)
i. Gaji lumayan (good pay)
ii. Boleh jadi hero (can become a hero)

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Stretching my brains at www.freerice.com like my life depends on it.

For every question answered correctly 20 grains of rice is donated through the UN World Food Program. So far I have donated 8000 grains. My target for the night is 10000.

Levels I reached for the different subjects: 40/60 for English Vocabulary I think. Then 4/5 or 5/5 for English Grammar. 4/5 for Spanish (that took a few tries, but some were really easy), 10/10 for Basic Maths, 2/2 for Multiplication, and 5/5 for World Capitals (I'm uberly proud of that, seeing as I suck at remembering capitals).

Boring as it may get, answering question after question after question, it sure is a superb way to take one's mind off unpleasant things.

edit: finally stopped at 10840. That means I answered 542 questions correctly. Yay me.

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To do list:

1. Finish homework
2. Design flyers for Music Club
3. Try and get a shirt design out
4. Stop crying.

My brain is turning into fucking mush.

i'm so, so, so sorry for wasting your time this past month.

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我们在等着friendly match,


friendly match后才会做决定。
我真的觉得如果我们今年让给form 4的队去比,


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Johor Bahru is a fucked up city.

So this morning at around 6.35 my brother and I left the house for the main road to flag a cab down so we could get to school. A few minutes later we manage to hop on one, but not more than 50 metres later both of us got off in disgust.

This Malay cab driver was demanding RM15 for a ride that would usually cost RM5, RM6 at most. His reasons? "Rates are higher in the early mornings."

Well fuck, who does he think he's kidding? My bro has been taking taxis to school for years, and even I know that RM15 (later reduced to RM10, but we still hopped off and got called 'lokek' - stingy) is really just ridiculous. And what the hell? 'Morning rates'? Morning rates my ass.

Interestingly enough, we waited at the side of the road for something like half an hour and not one single cab appeared after that. Two, maybe, but both were occupied and by 7am (I was supposed to be in school by 6.50) I was so pissed off I was basically screaming profanities and cursing this stupid city, its insane cab drivers, and their tendency to just not appear for long periods of time (remember, this was a pretty busy road, where lots of cars pass through to get to different places. So honestly it was quite dumbfounding that we stood there for a while half an hour and not even one taxi drove by).

After both of us got sick and tired of waiting, my bro used my handphone (and all of its glorious 73 sens credit) to ring for a cab, but much to our horror the cab company actually said there were no taxis available at the moment. Believe me, no pirate could've beaten me in a swearing contest right there and then.

Lucky for us, one Chinese cab driver took pity and drove to where we were after he heard the radio transmission. Then we had a satisfying conversation in which we took stabs at the crazy first cab driver and the cab company lady, because obviously there were taxis available at the time.

As expected, I received my punishment of 20 push-ups, which was made more fun than usual because I had to say "I will never be late again." in between each one. 

Well, sorry seniors. I don't think I can keep such a heavy promise, what with insane cabs still roaming the city, searching for new prey.

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I have decided that Denial is very bad, as it makes me all sorts of weird and totally crackshit delusional.

So here's the thing.

I still love him.

And honestly, I'm okay that he doesn't feel the same way about me. I'm really quite fine. As he said in a text message, I'm in a 'different category' (a category called 'pervy friends for life'), which makes me more than satisfied.

So anyhow, I can't believe it took a really good fanfic to actually make me get over this whole thing. Not gonna talk much about it, but I'm just gonna say it made me think. A lot.

Love is sort of like a one-sided thing, to tell the truth. I don't love someone just so they can love me back. I love someone because that someone is special, and I'm quite happy just continuing to love him in my own way. :)

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Watching Federer vs. Murray now.

Both are playing well. But anyhow. Go Fed! :D

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Sydney. The land where Roger Federer met Mirka Vavrinec met and fell in love, subsequently crushing the hopes of many Fed-tard fangirls (and to a certain extent, Fedal fans, but it's already so obvious enough even with Mirka around anyway).

Anyway. So here I am.
In the past 11 days, I have:

- Seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and crossed it (not on foot yet, though.)
- Seen kangaroos, koalas, dugongs, and lots of other interesting animals.
- Experienced how fucking cold the sea is, and how annoyingly crowded the beaches here are (at Manly; but Pearl Beach was awesome.)
- Eaten at Hungry Jacks
- Observed how pretty the outskirts of Sydney are.
- Walked around the bustling Sydney city area.
- Lost my glasses (GAH. *iz blind*)
- Watched all three Bourne movies and fell in love with the score.
- Climbed the awesome rock formation at Pearl Beach, and got a great view of the sea
- Gone on my first shopping spree (bought two polos and two pairs of pants. So proud of myself.)
- Realised how fun Scrabble is.
- Played Wii!
- Played  PS3
- Played XBox 360
- Eaten Pavlova

Hmm. I'm sure there's more to add, but my bro's laptop is running out of battery. Gotta be quick.

Simply put, Sydney has been a pretty good place to hang out. It's a nice experience.

Miss my team loads though. Can't wait to get back to training! :D


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